Out of the mouths of babes and drag queens: 10 Life Lessons from Alyssa Edwards’ Dancing Queen

I’m already obsessed with Alyssa Edwards’ Dancing Queen – so here’s my top ten life lessons I’ve learned from the Queen.

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race and that I quote Mamma Ru and Michelle Visage and all the queens to my clients at any opportunity. Well, now I’ve got a new obsession, Alyssa Edwards’ Dancing Queen from World of Wonder. It only dropped on Netflix a few days ago and I’ve already watched every episode twice. I’m blown away, not only by the talent of the young dancers at Alyssa’s Beyond Belief Dance Academy in Mesquite, Texas, but also by Alyssa’s passion, inspiration and dedication to her young talents. There’s many a lesson to be learned from Alyssa – so I’ve picked my top ten!

“Dedication, Discipline, Determination, Hard Work.”

“If the elevator’s broke; take the stairs.”

“In life you’re going to have moments like this that matter; don’t ever sit it out.”

“You gotta focus to get the pocus.” – Athena, 7

“You should cry, you should experience that feeling and that emotion because you will have disappointment in life. Learn that. Learn about yourself. Build that thick skin.”

“If you wanna jump into a tank full of sharks make sure you’re the Great White.”

“I want you at all times to remember the importance of your work ethic, of your drive, and the love of nurturing your passion.”

“When you open the door to mistakes don’t get mad when other people walk through it.”

“You can never rely on anybody to do anything for you. If you wanna get sh*t done and get sh*t done right – do it yourself.”

“I’m so nervous…but I have a good feeling…butterflies alway mean that something good is gonna happen.” Leigha, 10

I’m going to be reminding myself of ALL these. There’s inspiration…and then there’s Alyssa.