London Craft Week

The rain is pounding across my office window; the view a bleak, suburban street. The garage roof opposite is a lake of shimmering water, rain shattering across it like bullets. The sky is grey, the streets deserted. My dog adjusts herself in our bed, snuggling further down under the duvet and letting out a snore. It’s cold. We were seduced by the forty-eight hours of sunshine last week and turned the heating off. It feels more like February than May.

I am, nonetheless, excited. Not because it’s May 8th, our fourth wedding anniversary. No, typically we managed to forget this date for the third year in a row. I’m excited because today is the start of London Craft Week.

For the last two years I have been studying Creativity. I’ve learned many things but three really stick out;

Creativity is not a state that only some people can achieve; Creativity is our natural state.

The more you practice Creativity the more you want to practice.

Creativity is not linked to value.

I also discovered that any and every Creative endeavour counts – so, if you’re a writer, then making a cake or painting a picture generates the same Creative energy and drive. More Creative inputs create more Creative desires which can be channeled into any Creative output. What you put in, you get out. The more you do, the more you do.

By the way, it’s not just about “making” something. Creativity is about thinking differently. Acting, thinking or learning something different  = Acting, thinking or behaving in a different way.

London Craft Week is a huge opportunity to massively increase your Creative Input. There’s a staggering range of talks, activities, workshops and classes to take all over the city. Some cost, some are free. You could learn about material making, copper sculpture, upholstery, millinery, bronze casting, fragrance making, floriculture, candle-making, textiles – I really could go on and on. You can also meet artists and chat about their process, attend masterclasses, hook up with other Creative-Curious folk and basically just input a whole shitbang of creative energy and see where it takes you. There are over 240 craftspeople speaking and demonstrating over the week – there’s bound to be something of interest, whatever your taste. If nothing interests you, then how about picking one thing at random and seeing what happens?

Guy Salter, Chairman of London Craft Week, nailed it for me when he pointed to “a renaissance in the appreciation of creativity and craft” and a global shift towards more, not less, creativity.

Do have a look at the programme for London Craft Week. On this bloody miserable, rainy morning, you might find that even just a quick glance is enough to ignite your creativity.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary, husband.


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