The Confidence Construct

If confidence came in a capsule I’d pop a pill every day. I’d have no qualms about becoming dependent on a tablet. I’d happily become addicted. If it was available on the NHS so much the better but hell, I’d probably contentedly descend into debt to pay for it if I had to.

What’s the Matter?

Putting a piece of writing or a performance out into the world is like taking your new born baby and chucking it into a bear pit and letting everyone have a go at it while you watch, unable to help.

The View From The Top Of A Hill…

When we’re walking the same streets, facing the same challenges, going to the same places every day we start to lose sight of the bigger picture. Take a step back and view it from a distance – see how far you’ve come and how much has changed.

Surviving Edinburgh

It’s important to realise that help is available and it should not be thought of as a sign of weakness – if you injured your body you’d go to the doctor. Treat your mental health the same way.

Rest, Recharge, Reset

Work has a way of completely absorbing me sometimes and it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees, let alone see the different paths within the wood

The Industry vs. The Community

Tribalism is coded into our DNA. As humans we have, for centuries, arranged ourselves into clans – we lived, hunted, and died together as groups, mainly geographically to begin with but as we have evolved we herd together according to class, gender, geography and, crucially for the creative, interests.

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