Technique Tips for Self-Tapes

When you walk into an audition room, we’re noticing a lot of things – not just the actual audition, but your technique at the same time. It’s the same with a self-tape, we’re not only looking at the actual reading, we’re also getting an idea of your camera technique.

The 5 Apps I Use Every Day

I can’t imagine life without a smartphone and there are some apps I use every single day. Aside from the usual ones like Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, there are some apps I use every single day

The 48 Hour Challenge

As disruptive and unsettling as the last few months have been and as much as I have felt like I’ve been caught up in the universe’s giant dustpan-and-brush, I cannot help but feel that as we emerge from this things seem brighter, clearer and (whisper it) drenched in more potential and excitement than they have been for a while.

Get Ready for Summer

Instead of tightening your glutes, pecs, or thighs, tune up your brain. Summer is a great time for reading something new, whether it’s just a paperback you have for sweaty tube journeys, or a thick tome you can spread out with in a park…