Rest, Recharge, Reset

Work has a way of completely absorbing me sometimes and it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees, let alone see the different paths within the wood

The Industry vs. The Community

Tribalism is coded into our DNA. As humans we have, for centuries, arranged ourselves into clans – we lived, hunted, and died together as groups, mainly geographically to begin with but as we have evolved we herd together according to class, gender, geography and, crucially for the creative, interests.

It’s Time to Talk Mental Health in Training

Self-regulation has not worked, it does not support or nurture our students and it is dangerous that neither Spotlight, nor Equity, not the Federation considered mental health an important enough issue to mention. It comes to a point where we must ask whether self-regulation is merely self-interest.

Technique Tips for Self-Tapes

When you walk into an audition room, we’re noticing a lot of things – not just the actual audition, but your technique at the same time. It’s the same with a self-tape, we’re not only looking at the actual reading, we’re also getting an idea of your camera technique.

The 5 Apps I Use Every Day

I can’t imagine life without a smartphone and there are some apps I use every single day. Aside from the usual ones like Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, there are some apps I use every single day