The Philosophy of F*cking It Up

When we FIU we expose the secret we all share, that underneath the selfies and the perky Facebook updates, actually we’re flawed and ugly and scared. So we blot it out however we can, we force it way, way back in our psyche…

Create A New Mindset

Shaking off winter isn’t quite so easy as hanging up your winter coat for a few months though, it takes adjustment; a tweak here, a modification there…

Interview with Jenna Russell

If I could look back,” she says, “I would say ‘trust who you are’. That’s the only thing you’ve got. You are your unique thing. It’s going to fit somethings and not fit others….

Positive Thinking

When was the last time you allowed yourself to imagine the impossible? When did you last spend an hour, or more, fantasising about the future?…

Hard Work Is Its Own Reward

As performers you are hard-wired for instant reward. A great performance gets applause – it’s immediate gratification. I sometimes think that’s why auditioning is such a pain in the arse…

Your MT Rep Folder

Your rep folder should, like your headshot and your CV, reflect your personality and casting type. I love looking through a rep folder – the choices someone has made often tell me…

The Question of Feedback

You may have seen the report where Dame Judi Dench bemoaned the ‘recent trend’ of not giving actors’ feedback. To be honest, it was no better twenty years ago when I was 21, had just graduated and already had 10 years of professional work behind me. 

Auditioning SMARTly

An audition is part of a process – not just of casting a show, but of developing as an actor. Even when the audition is over, the actor needs to be able to latch on to something tangible and assess….

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